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Aktuell (english)

Current for 2017

Project week, art classes for students of Neurahlstedt School, Hamburg.
Project week, art for the Visually Impaired in Hamburg.
Painting Exhibition at "KULTURWERK" Hamburg.
Group Exhibition of "GEDOK" HAMBURG.
Preparation for my new Atelier in Hamburg with exhibition in October.
Porcelain design for Charity Exhibit with textile design.
Works for a Painting Exhibition "People" [Humans] in Stockholm, Sweden.
Finished model of a metal sculpture 2,00 m x 2,40 m steel, for the new
Modern painting implemented in POP music, University Lueneburg, Germany.
"SAME AMONG EQUALS" for 35 years I have worked with professional artists
with Academic Degrees, once a week at the Atelier.
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